Students, faculty, and esteemed readers welcome back to Mount St. Joseph for another school year! You may not have noticed, but there have been changes to student media this year. Yes, a new name, new website, new logos, and new writers. Here are some changes and updates you can look forward to this year…

  • Studio Revamp! Our MSJTV studio space (formerly “The Quill Studio”) has been cleared of dust and useless boxes to make way for new equipment, furniture, and ideas. Equipment has been upgraded for smoother broadcasts and more professional streams.
  • New Show! Teachers don’t get too excited…WMSJ is NOT returning. Instead, we’re debuting our brand-new “TowerViews” student news broadcast. This show will run weekly every Wednesday (schedule permitting). It will feature This Day in History (hosted by Mr. Greg McDivitt), sports highlights, players of the week interviews, school news, and other featured segments.
Check out the test run for the new TowerViews homeroom broadcast! Official episodes start Wednesday, September 20.
  • Different kinds of media. MSJTV won’t just hold TowerViews weekly during Homeroom but will be home to all student media projects. You may have already seen some of the changes, as MSJTV is now home to MSJTV sports, aiming to pick up the sports live streams that started last year under InstaGaelNews, just in better quality and with a more professional look. MSJTV will also be home to student-created podcasts and more audio titles throughout the year.

What about InstaGaelNews? InstaGaelNews will now be moved to our MSJTV Social Media team. But don’t worry; the content will still be top-tier as usual.

Needless to say, some big changes are coming this year. You can now see Mr. McDivitt vividly present “This Day in History” live from our studio. Trivia will be more engaging, and instead of school-wide PA announcements, we now have the means to do everything live and on video. If you’re interested in helping out, MSJTV can use all the help we can get. Go to our new website, and click on About Us to learn more information. We’ll see you LIVE this year!

Quinn Wells is a senior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

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