Feeling like you don’t do enough to enjoy this fine school we go to? Maybe you have wanted to meet new friends or even find something new to do with your friends. There are many ways to get involved in something you enjoy at Mount Saint Joe. 

At The Joe, there is a club for everyone. We have clubs that get your heart rate going and get you active, like Round Net Club, or you can join the classic film club, eat a snack, and watch an excellent film. With almost 50 clubs, you are bound to find something you enjoy.

If you feel like there is no club for you (which is almost impossible), get active by supporting our many sports teams. Go to a Saturday Gaels football game or watch the basketball team in the Smith Center. The student section always has a great atmosphere and gets everyone involved when we scream our chants. Supporting your classmates at a game is not only fun for you but also helps support your school’s team and makes the teams play better. 

It doesn’t end there! You can still do more after joining a club and getting involved with our sports teams! Sing or play an instrument in the choir, join campus ministry, and strengthen your faith. The options are endless. With this crazy new information that I am sure you are hearing for the first time, there should not be any excuses for being an 8:00-2:30 student.

I play guitar in the choir band. This is a great club for anyone who likes to have fun and enjoy music. I spoke to a fellow member of the choir, Dom Iamale ’24, who had this to say: “Mr. Slattery was adamant about me joining, even though I did not have an interest in singing. It’s a fun time, and I am glad I joined.”. The choir meets during homeroom daily, so you don’t have to worry about missing any after-school activity.

Not only do you have a great time with friends making music in the choir, but you also give back to the school when you lead everyone in song during mass. Besides all school masses, we have Christmas and Spring shows. Mr. Slattery is in charge of this club, and you can contact him with any questions.

I also am part of the student section club. This club meets every Monday during homeroom to discuss what should be expected at football, volleyball, and basketball games.

Another great club is Ryken Service Club. This meets every Tuesday and Thursday in the Cafeteria for an hour after school. You get together and make sandwiches and lunches for My Brother’s Keeper. Not only are you giving back to the community, but you can also get 30 minutes of service hours per meeting if you attend.

Don’t be the guy that shows up just for classes. Meet new people, get active, show some school spirit, and give back!

For a comprehensive list of St. Joe’s activities, click here -> Clubs/Activities.

Check out which sports are playing this week here -> https://www.msjnet.edu/athletics/schedules-and-results

Have an idea for a club? Send Mr. Bianco an Email @ sbianco@msjnet.edu

Austin Caulfield is a Senior member of the MultiMedia Journalism class.

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