The Washington Football Team is officially revealing their new name, scheduled for February 2nd. The new name was narrowed down to 9 different options, so here are my picks on which would most likely end up being used, and whether they would be appropriate for their team (the order of the options are not rankings, it is simply just the names down n a row).

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9. The Defenders

This is an all-right choice, considering the team that Ron Rivera is trying to build, but that brings up a couple of problems. The first problem is the specification, as it would mean that the team would have to be a defensive team forever until they change the name again. Second, this name would clash with the XFL’s Washington Defenders, but that may not be a problem considering that the XFL is scheduled to return in 2023, so Washington could easily tag the name. This option is not very good, but maybe better considering some of the other options.

8. Commanders

This option is a very solid name, as it would mean that the team commands the field, but this name is very simple, and has no historical or locational value to the team. This name would be a good option, but very simple, so this may not end up being the one that gets chosen. Let’s move on to number 7.

7. Redhawks

Quality name, solid option. The main issue that this brings is the return of the red part of the name, which to be honest would not be a good idea considering we removed their past identity due to complaints of it being offensive, so that might not sit well with the people responsible for the name change. Great name, but may cause issues.

6. Brigade

This is a good name, no real problems with it. The only issue I could possibly think of that would make this name somewhat dislikable is that it does not really fit with all of the other teams’ names and the theme they follow. This is a great name and I would be surprised if it was not chosen.

5. Sentinels

This is an alright name as it doesn’t really pose a problem, but it is not a very threatening name, nor does it compete as much with the other options. Similar to ‘Brigade’, it does not really fit with the overall theme with the other team names, so this option may not be chosen due to how dry the name is.

4. Admirals

Very powerful name, and can show power on the field considering the uniform design that might go with it. This is a great name and could quite possibly be chosen, but again it does not really fit the theme of the other teams, which is a re-occurring problem with names that go off of humans. This is a great name and one of my personal favorites.

3. Presidents

Amazing name, and has great value to its location. The only problem I see with this is that the logo may be somewhat difficult to design, because you cannot really do much with ‘Presidents’ for a logo. The locational value makes this name very good and that makes it a good contender.

2. Armada

Alright name as it views their team as a fleet, big possibility this is chosen. It is simply just a superior name over the others, and the name really shows that their team is unified, plus I have little to no issue with the name. Great name and most likely is first in the running.

1. Red Hogs

Good name overall. Keeping it generic is sometimes the way to go, so this name goes well. I can see this name getting picked, but it does again go back to the Redskins name, and some people may have problems with that. This is a good name overall and is in the running to be picked.

Thomas Moore is a freshman member of The Quill