Shape Comics is the home of many out-of-this-world characters, including Shape-Man, Sonic Saturn, Omega, and more! Shape Comic aims to use modern technology to make their comics look old. The company is known for its comics’ Silver Age aesthetic and halftone coloring, as well as its incredible and unique characters.

Cofounders of Shape Comics, Breyden Boyd and Anthony Carranza

The company was created by cofounders Anthony Carranza and Breyden Boyd. Their first comic, Shape-Man Issue #1, was released in 2021. The comic is about a mysterious creature who crashlands on Earth without any memory of his past. After a night of exploration, he finds his way to Mark and Hazel. They are a father and daughter who live in a house in the woods. Although Mark is skeptical at first, Hazel befriends Shape-Man immediately. Fast forward a few pages and Shape-Man is a hero. He saves a nearby gas station from Toothpick and Gumboot, two members of the infamous Aces High Gang.

Page from Shape-Man Issue #1

Part of what makes Shape-Comics so unique is that Breyden Boyd created most of the characters when he was a little kid. On his TikTok, you can see the evolution of his art from elementary school to now. Shape-Man was his first and is his favorite character that he has created, as he states in one of his TikToks.

Scene from Shape-Man Issue #2

Like I said earlier, Shape-Man isn’t the only fantastic character created by Shape Comics. There are many more heroes that are all contributing to building a giant universe. They have a character for everybody. If you’re more into superheroes, Shape-Man, Surge, and many others may be the ones to read. Although, if you’re more into Sci-Fi and cowboys in space, Sonic Saturn might be the guy for you. Even better, if you enjoy reading comics in general, you’ll love and enjoy all of the Shape-Comics characters.

If you haven’t started reading Shape Comics yet, now is a perfect time to start. They release a new comic on Kickstarter every couple of months, with a Forge/Surge/Omega triple feature currently up! If you back the triple feature now, you are guaranteed to get the reward of your choosing, because it is already 112% funded. If you don’t want to back the Kickstarter right now, there are also a couple of awesome comics available for purchase on the Shape Comics website right now!

As someone who has bought and read every Shape Comic that has been released, I can honestly say that they are worth every cent. The stories are amazing! I recently interviewed the creators of Shape Comics, Anthony Carranza and Breyden Boyd. When I asked them what they think makes their comic company stand out from others. Anthony Carranza answered, “Shape Comics is an artist first comic company. The foundation we’ve laid is based on the amazing imagination of childhood innocence paired with the quality of the best eras of comic books.” This is something that I can agree with as a reader. Most of Shape’s stories don’t take them too seriously and that is part of what makes them so unique! There is definitely a sense of lighthearted childhood innocence present in Shape Comics, both through the phenomenal nostalgia style art and excellently written stories.

With Shape Comics being as young as it is, both the company and the people who work there all being in their 20s, there is a lot to look forward to! During the interview, Breyden Boyd even said, “Shape Comics is really young. In fact, we’re all in our 20s, with the average age being 23-ish.” With how amazing Shape Comics already is, I can’t wait to see how i continually progresses in the future as the writers and artists continue to gain more experience.

When asked about the future of Shape Comics, Anthony Carranza answered, “The future of Shape will be Breyden and I continuously collaborating with amazing creatives and bringing quality tales to our audience. While also expanding into a new media merchandising.” Shape Comics will continue to expand in many ways throughout the future and I honestly feel that one day it could be as big as Marvel… Or bigger.

Shape Comics Team at Comic-Con

Like I stated previously, I definitely think that Shape Comics will be a HUGE name company in the future. When I asked Breyden Boyd if he believe that Shape Comics has the potential to be big in the future, he answered “I do think that Shape has the potential to be big, especially since we’re starting so early. My hope is that in 10 years, everyone on board has made a name for themselves in the comic industry, and as a result, so will Shape Comics.”

Even though I keep talking about Shape Comics being big in the future, Shape Comics is already amazing! Every Kickstarter project that they put out has gotten over %100 funded, with Sonic Saturn being %219 percent funded and as of me writing this, their Triple Feature is already %185 percent funded! Adding on to the success of their Kickstarters, Shape Comics has gotten nothing but positive reviews… Everyone who reads their comics loves them!

Comics aren’t even the only thing that Shape Comics produces. They make many more awesome things as well! This includes stickers, t-shirts, phone cases, posters, prints, and my personal favorite of thing of theirs besides the comics… Character trading cards! That isn’t even a complete list of everything they make either.

Shape Comics has more potential than any other independent comic company and in a few years, they may be the #1 comic company on the market. The best age of comics was the Silver Age; that is when comics took off. During this age, characters like Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four were first making their appearances. During the Silver Age, comic creativity was at an all time high. Unfortunately since then, some comics have either lost their creative touch or are just no longer as good as they used to be. Shape Comics could revolutionize the comic industry and bring in a new silver age.

The Shape Comic characters take what’s familiar, but remain new and unique. Shape-Comics is bringing back the magic and creativity of the comic industry one comic at a time. Who knows, in 40 years from now, the first issues of Shape-Man and Sonic Saturn will be looked at in the same light that the first issues of Spider-Man and Daredevil are now.

Shape Comics has so much potential and is on the road to doing big things. Anthony Carranza and Breyden Boyd are slowly building one of the greatest fictional universes ever known. Years from now, you could say that you witnessed the start of one of the greatest comic companies of all time.


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