Is it worth it? This is a question on the mind of all PlayStation console users as Sony announces the release of the Dual Sense Edge. The Edge is the concept for a PlayStation 5 controller to compete with the Xbox Elite controller. The Edge was announced mid-October this year and is slated for release on January 26th, 2023. Even though this is something that PlayStation fans have been waiting for since the release of the Xbox Elite controller in 2015, it doesn’t look like the controller will meet fans’ expectations.

The Dual Sense Edge is Sony’s attempt at matching the superiority of the Xbox Elite controller. To reach the excellence of the Xbox Elite with features such as customizable back button controls, different pressure configurations for the triggers, and accessories that come with the controller. Although these features sound great on paper, in practice, the controller looks clunky and looks years behind the continuously evolving Elite that has shown impressive growth. Then you factor in the fact that the Edge is set at a retail price of $200, which is almost half the console’s price, and you wonder what Sony is thinking.

For years fans of Xbox consoles were blessed with the superior Xbox Elite controller that allowed players to customize their own settings and set the controller in a way that fits their style of play. Although the price is steep at $150 for the controller, its capabilities make the price worth it. In addition to the customization, the controller is made of metal, making it more durable and lasting longer overall. These qualities make the Elite one of the top controllers on the market for consumers.

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This brings into question how will Sony compete in the controller world? Even though we are months out from the January 26 global release date, I still question how this endeavor will turn out. Will the controls be functional? What will the customization be for the controller itself? Will it be worth the steep price tag? Will it stand up to heavy play and rigorous use? I, and many other PlayStation fans, hope for the best but expect disappointment.

Braylon Sims is a Senior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.