Joel Embiid, Jalen Hurts, James Harden, and Bryce Harper; the faces of the Philadelphia sports teams. The most overrated sports city that we have seen in a while. Yes, the Phillies are in the World Series, and the Eagles are 6-0. They are both doing great things and accomplishing a lot, but they both are frauds.

The Eagles are the only undefeated team left in the NFL, sitting at 6-0 heading into week 7, the number 1 seed in the NFC and leading their division. If you look at the schedule for the Eagles through the first 7 weeks, they have played the 1-5 Lions, barely beating them 38-35. They also played the 2-5 Jaguars and the 3-4 Commanders. Granted, they have played the Cowboys 5-2 and the Minnesota Vikings 5-1, respectfully. Those teams also face a lot of overrated hate, which is well deserved. The Vikings were barely able to beat out Andy Dalton and the New Orleans Saints. Jalen Hurts is said to be the man across the National Football League. Jalen Hurts ranks 15th in passing yards, 21st in passing touchdowns, and 2nd in the league for interceptions. For a “top 10” quarterback in the NFL, those stats are not good. Only 6 passing touchdowns do not deserve to be recognized as a top 10 quarterback.

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On to the Phillies; the Phillies are in the world series, yes, but their team has been fortunate to get to the point they are at. Their whole postseason run has been due to their bullpen and good starting pitching. Throughout this World Series, the Phillies have one player hitting over .300. Yes, Bryce Harper is going absolutely insane. The Phillies hitters outside of Bryce Harper have been hitting lower than .250. The only reason that they are scoring is home runs. They have 22 home runs this postseason and a total of 104 hits. 21% of their hits have been home runs. That is every one in five hits for their team is a homerun. Their team average, as it stands right now going into game 4 of the World Series at a whopping .233. Their pitching has been the superstar and powerhouse. In the World Series, we have seen Ranger Suarez give the Phillies a masterclass; their top guys, like Nola and Wheeler struggled. Combined, their top 2 pitchers have given up all the runs through 3 games. Is the Phillies’ pitching going to be able to hold up against the mighty Astros lineup?

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The Seventy Sixers might be the least overrated team in this article, but they are still overhyped going into every NBA season. They get eliminated from the postseason every year after people say they are going on a run. Joel and Harden are two superstars. They have not been playing up to par this season. Joel Embiid is still doing his normal things averaging 27.2 per game, but Harden is been very inconsistent this year, averaging only 22 points per game which is low for him. Overall they sit at 4-5. Yes, it is early in the season, but their team seems to be on the downswing.

Jack Bieda is a junior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

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