The Championship games are here, meaning we are one round away from the World Series. After the Dodgers beat the Giants 2-1, the NLCS is now between the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers most likely will outperform the Atlanta Braves, but I believe Atlanta will defeat the Dodgers in a wild upset. I see the Braves beating the Dodgers in 6 games, so we could see a large upset soon.

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In the ALCS, the Houston Astros face the Boston Red sox. The Houston Astros have a better record against the Red Sox, but Boston has been proving teams wrong throughout the playoffs as they beat the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, both teams having a better record against the Red Sox. This is a hot take, but I believe the Red Sox will beat the Houston Astros in 7 games, possibly even 6 games. The Red Sox and the Braves have been on a roll and it would be exciting to see them play each other in the World Series

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According to my prediction, the Red Sox would take on the Braves in the World Series. This would be a real close couple of games, but I think Alex Cora and the Red Sox will come out on top, giving them their 10th World Series victory.

Thomas Moore is a freshman member of The Quill