The month of May is always an exciting time for seniors. Most are selecting where they will spend their next 4 years, counting down days until graduation, and preparing for prom on the 17th. Another exciting time in May are the 2 weeks dedicated to Senior Project. These 2 weeks are given to seniors who would like expand their interests and do a range of projects. Projects ranging from building benches on campus to writing a children’s book and everything inbetween. This year, the Mount has several unique and amazing Senior Projects from the class of 2019. One of those projects are being done by Bradley Biagiotti.

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Senior Brad Biagiotti is spending his senior project learning the basics of cross-country flying.

Bradley Biagiotti, an aspiring commercial pilot, will be spending his 2 weeks learning how to and flying a plane. For the past year and a half, Brad has been working towards his private pilot’s operating certificate. He will be spending his 2 weeks doing his project titled Learning the basics of cross-country flying. The term “cross-country flying” doesn’t literally mean flying across the country. In flying, the term means flying point to point as a part of training. To help visualize, cross-country flying is flying from Point A to Point B, Point B to Point C, the from Point C back to Point A. The exercise gives trainees the opportunity to learn several key aspects of flying. Brad will gain the skills such as navigation, communication, and many other aeronautical skills. He will be doing his project at Tipton Airport where he will do practice flights and ground training. When he is not at the airport, Brad will spend time studying material from his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) textbooks. He will also use his time wisely by planning out routes for the following day. As a final documentation of his project, Brad will present a video of his experiences.

Brad is one of the many Mount Men who use Senior Project as a way to expand his interests. “I have always loved flying. I’ve known from a very young that I wanted to become a pilot….When I learned of the opportunity to put these skills through Senior Project, I jumped at the opportunity.” Brad will continue to expand his knowledge and continue his pursuit in becoming a commercial pilot next year while majoring in Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Jonah Burns, Senior

Jonah Burns is a senior member of the Quill.

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