Mr. Kyle Reagan works with one of his DePaul students.

The 2017-2018 school year here at Mount Saint Joseph is welcoming a large number of new teachers and faculty members. One specifically is Mr. Kyle Reagan, or in the track team’s case, Coach Reagan. Coach Reagan is working in the DePaul Center, but he is also coaching cross country. Prior to his return to Saint Joe, he coached at Maryvale Preparatory School while he was a Phys Ed teacher at a local middle school. He was an assistant coach for cross country as well as a coach for track and field. In track, he coached mainly sprinters but also long, triple, and high jumpers. While he spent his time at Maryvale, he was a part of coaching 2 cross country championship games, two indoor track championships, and one outdoor championship. He also coached 6 different high jumpers who were conference champions over 8 years.

Coach Kyle Reagan graduated from the Mount in 2000 and claims it to be “the greatest graduating class” from Mount Saint Joseph. From his freshman to senior year, he ran cross country as well as indoor and outdoor track, totaling up to twelve total seasons of running. In fact, the Mount’s current cross country coach, Coach Peach was his track coach senior year of high school. In track he ran the 800-meter race up to the 2 mile. When he was in high school, his favorite subjects were Chemistry and Physics.

After Coach Reagan’s departure from the Mount in 2000, he went on to go to college at Salisbury and then transferred to Towson. He continued his running career both at Salisbury and Towson, but running longer distances of 5k’s and 10k’s instead of 800 meters.

Mr. Kyle Reagan, Class of 2000, now teaches in DePaul and coaches Cross Country.

Now after 17 years since his graduation, Coach Reagan is back as a teacher and a coach instead of a student and an athlete. He hopes to have the same impact on students that other teachers had on him while he attended the Mount. He’s happy to be back, and hopes he can continue the excellence in the track program that Mount Saint Joseph has had for a long time now. He is ready to take on this runner-up track team and get that championship back. Ironically, Maryvale lost the outdoor track championship as well just like Saint Joe, getting second place. He said it hurts that he didn’t finish off his time at Maryvale with a win but is ready to get that bitter taste out of his mouth by putting together a Saint Joe track team that will be “well coached and will work hard.”

Mount Saint Joseph welcomes Coach Reagan back and is ready to see what he has in store for this track team in his return as a Gael.