Mr. Nate Scavilla '09
Mr. Nate Scavilla ’09

Ever since Mr. Scavilla took Mr. Hughes’ Physics class during his Junior and Senior years as a Mount student, he has been in love with the promulgation of the study of physics. Mr. Hughes encouraged Scavilla to pursue Physics in college during his time as a Mount student, and greatly influenced his decision to teach. He has been mentored by the legendary Mr. Tom Hughes during his first years teaching here, and has drawn on a lot of Mr. Hughes’ teaching methods.

With the retirement of Mr. Tom Hughes forthcoming, the leadership of the physics department is falling on the shoulders of Mr. Nathan Scavilla, Class of 2009. Mr. Scavilla started teaching physics at the Mount two years ago, and has established himself as a large presence within the physics department. He is beloved by students and faculty alike, and is known for his energetic teaching style in which he makes sure every student is following what he is lecturing about.

In the video, Mr. Scavilla talked about the challenges associated with teaching the subject of physics and how Mr. Hughes has influenced his teaching style, and the school community as a whole.