As a student, Coach Rich Holzer attended private school, but as a coach, he had coached solely public school programs. In his first year at a private school, he has set a new Mount Saint Joseph Football standard, as well as accomplishing one of the best seasons in recent history. Overall, the Gaels are 8-2 with with one game left against Archbishop Spalding. They are 4-1 in the MIAA A Conference.

As a player for Coach Holzer and previously, Coach Blake Henry, I have a different point of view from the fans of St. Joe football. Previously, the theme of the season was to focus on the long term, to not get caught up on a play or a single game. But with Coach Holzer, his mantra has been “1 and 0”, referring to winning the current game and not worrying about what is to come in the future. This has led Coach Holzer to have a very successful first season, and hopefully, looking to the future, an MSJ Football dynasty.

As far as the playbook and the actual gameplan for Coach Holzer, he is focused on a very fast paced offense. He uses playcards for everyone, even the linemen, calling out a number that corresponds to a certain play. These change on an almost daily basis. Coach Holzer has tried to instill in us a focus on tempo, every day, whether in game situations or at practice. Holzer’s perspective is that if the team plays hard, every single play, we can wear the other team down by the half and take complete control of the game.

Coach Rich Holzer congratulates the team after the Homecoming win over MIAA rival Loyola.
Coach Rich Holzer congratulates the team after their Homecoming win over MIAA rival Loyola.

Make sure to support the Mount Saint Joseph Varsity Football team as they conclude their 2015 season with a final game against MIAA opponent Archbishop Spalding on Saturday, November 7 on Plevyak Field.