MSJ Spirit Week 2014
MSJ Spirit Week 2014

Spirit Week in the past has been a favorite among Students, so changing things may be a risky move. This year, there are a lot of changes to the daily themes of Spirit Week. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to talk with our Student Council President, Nick Caporlette, about this years Spirit Week.

What are some of the new themes for this year’s Spirit Week?

“Costume day on Thursday, Way back Wednesday, and Preppy Tuesday are some of the new Themes for this years Spirit Week.”

How were these themes introduced to the Student Council?

“I originally introduced some ideas for this years Spirit Week, then others would add some ideas to the conversation. Eventually we narrowed it down to these days.”

Anything special/new about this years pep rally?

“No, nothing really new this year.”

What aspect do you look forward to most during Spirit Week?

“I really like the pep rally. I am also looking forward to the Senior participation in this year’s Spirit Week.”

Personally, I am excited about the new themes for Spirit Week. The one I was looking forward to the most was today which is Preppy Tuesday. The new themes, I think, are pretty creative and are helping to keep Spirit Week fresh and exciting each and every year.

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